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Real Time School Bus Tracking System

We provide real time buses tracking service for you to deal with your armada of transports easily by changing them into Smart Buses.

  • Real Time Tracking

    School Ecare offers real time school bus tracking system for fleet management. With use of GPS, the parents can track school buses on real time.

  • Emergency Management

    School Bus tracking managers will communicate with bus drive, known area of bus, tracking road jams, climate condition and emergency condition immediately.

  • Admin

    A School Ecare administrator manages the tracking activity by own. We also update all status of live buses to student parent.

  • Customize Reports

    We provide customize report for tracking routes and driving of buses to guarantee dependability and security.

  • Live CCTV Surveillance

    We also offer a CCTV camera facility inside the bus to view live traveling of students in the bus. Parent could also take advantages of CCTV surveillance for their children.

  • Speed Limit Alerts

    When the drive overtakes the speed of the bus and follow non-uniform driving, then both parent and administrator have notified of the alert message.